Good water pressure can make a huge difference to the daily running of your household. The normal range in a residential application is between 40 and 80psi. If you exceed this, you run the risk of damaging your water system – ruptured pipes or blown sprinkler heads can occur. Water pressure that falls below 40psi will result in poor performance of devices that use water such as shower heads and sprinklers.

Have you ever been to a hotel or B&B and took a shower only to find that the water is not powerful enough to do what it is supposed to do? You can’t do anything about this. However, if it happens at your home, we are here to fix the problem.

Water is essential to the smooth running of every household. It has so many different applications that if you have trouble with its pressure, you will know it immediately. We are here to keep your water running at the right psi so you can get on with home living.

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