Stuart Turner Pumps – Repair & Installation

ST Pumps offer a repair & installation service of Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps

We offer a repair service on Stuart Turner Monsoon pumps that is no older than 10 years old.

Over the years we found that after 10 years of everyday use, many parts will have become worn out & is usually too expensive to repair the pump, Repairing pumps older than 10 years sometimes require 2-3 callout repairs over a 12 month period.

The most common parts that fail are the PCB Board – Non Return valves – Expansion Vessel full of water & a leaking mechanical seal.

We offer New & Reconditioned replacement pumps Supplied & Fitted

Stuart Turner offer a 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty on all there ROI Monsoon brass body pumps fitted to there manufacturers specifications.

ST Pumps also Supply & Fit reconditioned pumps which come with a 12 month warranty from us.

The Most common pumps we supply & fit are the Stuart Turner M330N & the Monsoon U2.0bar which is in most Apartments we also supply other models which you can see in our reconditioned pump page.

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