Stuart Turner Monsoon Premium Quality High Performance Brass Body Pumps

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • ROI Models with 21mm Hoses
  • 300mm Flexible Hoses with Integral
  • Isolating Valves
  • Quiet Operation
  • Anti-Vibration Feet
Supply & Fit service available in Dublin Only

Power Shower Booster Pump

Many people want a power shower in their home, but not all plumbing systems are equipped to provide the right amount of water pressure. A Power Shower Booster Pump allows you to install a power shower and enjoy a luxurious stream of hot water than can only be achieved with high water pressure. Power Shower Booster Pumps can be installed to work with all kinds of water heating systems, and are a cost-effective option that will extend the life of your current system. A Power Shower Booster Pump will give your shower all the power you need.

Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 1.5 Bar Reconditioned Negative Head Pump

Stuart Turner Pumps

Stuart Turner is an internationally recognised brand, known for producing high-quality water pumps for all situations. At ST Pumps, our selection of Stuart Turner Pumps includes some of the company’s most popular models, including the Techflo, Showermate, and Monsoon ranges. A Stuart Turner Pump can meet the water supply needs of any bath, shower, or tap. Every pump offers high-performance water boosting solutions while still being cost effective. No matter what your requirements, there’s a Stuart Turner Pump that can provide you with a reliable water boost in your home.

Domestic Water Pumps

Installing a domestic water pump is the simplest answer to solving a water pressure problem in your home. You may not realise exactly how much time your low water pressure is costing you; everyday tasks like showering, doing laundry, and washing the dishes all take longer to do. Domestic water pumps are a low-cost solution that can be installed quickly for a boost to your home’s water system. Domestic water pumps are small and operate quietly, so they can be installed out of sight and won’t bother anyone with loud motor noises.

Stuart Turner Pump Repair

Monsoon Pump Repair

If you have a Monsoon Pump in need of repair, ST Pumps are just a phone call away. Weoffer repairs for both standard and universal Monsoon pumps, and carry spare parts for every size pump. Our top priority is restoring your Monsoon pump to perfect working condition with minimal disturbance to your schedule. If you aren’t getting the best possible results from your Monsoon Pump, get in touch with ST Pumps. We’ll send out of one of our expert technicians to return your system to the highest performance standard.

Swift repairs, low cost

Our expert technicians offer full service and repair services at just a fraction of the cost of a new pump. We can fix all of the most common problems with your Monsoon Pump in just a few hours, and even the more complicated issues can be solved in a single appointment. We bring spare parts to every appointment, so your Monsoon pump can be repaired quickly and without a second meeting. If it becomes clear that your Monsoon pump is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, we also make sure to have a spare reconditioned pump on hand for a fast replacement.

Shower Pump Repair

You don’t realise how vital your shower pump is until it stops working. A shower pump repair is something you want done quickly and comprehensively, which is why ST Pumps offer complete shower pump service and repairs. We cover everything from common maintenance issues to shower pump replacement, and have a thorough understanding of every Stuart Turner model. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, less water flow, or notice that your pump isn’t working properly, just give us a call! Our expert technicians can reach you quickly and repair your shower pump without hassle.

No parts? No problem!

It can be incredibly frustrating when a technician tells you they’ll need to come back another day because they don’t have the right parts to get the job done. That’s why our technicians carry spare shower pump parts at every appointment. If a component of your shower pump needs replacing, we’ll still be able to complete the job in a single visit. Just in case your pump needs replacing, we also carry a spare reconditioned shower pump that can be fitted immediately. We understand that facilitating an appointment can take time out of your day, so our aim is to leave you with a fully functioning shower pump as swiftly as possible.

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